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Yuya is going to quit Youtube? Explain how your life has changed

The famous influencer and youtubeur Yuya recently opened up about how her life has changed now that she’s a mom, leaving many wondering if it’s time for her to quit the popular YouTube platform.

And is that influencer Yuya revealed that the truth, the maternity It’s not easy at all, and for this reason, you don’t have so much time to create YouTube videos anymore.

Yououtuber and businesswoman Yuya shared a new video on her channel Youtube where she explained how her life has changed dramatically since becoming a mom.

The 28-year-old Mexican has let it be known that she no longer has time for many of the things she used to do, however, despite this, she will not quit her social media job.

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As you may remember, real name influencer Mariand Castrejón had her eldest son named Mar since last September, with her boyfriend, 31-year-old singer Jorge Siddhartha.

Yuya confessed during her first experiences with motherhood that it was not something easy, however, little by little, she is learning this new step.

I said in a month I will come back, naive my God, how heavy it is, but it’s beautiful, it’s a fusion, I’m no longer human “, explained the young woman.

And although she knows that being a mom is a very demanding job, since her baby takes time and dedication, the influencer with the more than 24 million subscribers on her video channel announced that she was not considering to quit YouTube or the rest of his projects. .

Therefore, Yuya said that he wanted to go back to work and record every moment, like he did a long time ago, even to be able to be 100% in his famous makeup brand “Dancing Together”.

But I also want to be one hundred percent with Mar and then for a long time I thought about how I could fit this into my life, but I don’t need to adapt to anything, but to build a story with what happens to me, “said the famous internet.

On the other hand, Mariand added that although this is a totally new step, it has allowed her to get to know herself better and to see what she is capable of, because every day she has experienced different things.

Plus, in her video, Yuya even showed off how she found herself putting on makeup and at the same time expressing her milk to feed Mar.

In this way, the new mother learns to combine her work as an influencer and a mother.

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