“You are the best mom to your own baby”

EVERY mom ventures on her unique journey of motherhood. For most first-time mums, they start out constantly worrying about the smallest of things, including Anne Curtis, a global brand ‘mombassad’ for Johnson’s Baby. She shared how she once was prancing mom to her baby Dahlia as she worries for her daughter’s well-being and safety, so much so that even the little darling’s bath time has put her off.

“Bath time, as a first-time mother, is truly one of the scariest things, especially with a newborn. You have to learn the right way to hold a baby, to secure them [under the arm]…it only gets easier as you get used to it over time.

With practice and familiarity, she was able to manage her concerns and slowly transformed into a more laid-back mother, especially now that Dahlia is at this stage of exploration. Anne noted that day and night bath time had become their mother-baby bonding activity as Dahlia grew into her toddler stage. Bubble baths and bedtime stories have become how mother and daughter share time together.

Anne is grateful to have had her mother and her husband Erwan as her own pillars at the start of her motherhood journey. She and Erwan became a team to figure out how to raise a baby as new parents. They would research how to handle parenting duties or be on the lookout for what is best for Dahlia. From time to time, when her mother was around, Anne would ask her for know-how and advice. She shared the best advice she received from her mother: trust yourself [maternal] instinct because she knows her child best.

And trust her instincts, Anne did. She is always looking for new ways to protect Dahlia. For example, she needed to protect Dahlia’s skin since she started exploring her surroundings as an active toddler. She saw this as an opportunity to give Dahlia the gentle protection she needs while doing their favorite bonding activities with the help of Johnson’s Milk + Rice Enhanced Bath and Lotion. Newly reformulated baby care products contain 100% more milk protein that nourishes and real rice extracts that can protect a growing toddler’s skin.

With new Johnson’s Milk+Rice products now available in supermarkets and through Shopee and Lazada, parents can find more skincare tips for toddlers at www.johnsonbaby.com.ph.

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