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’60 Days In ‘is a documentary series that focuses on a group of volunteers who enter a county jail as undercover prisoners to expose the realities of the system. After all, their fellow inmates have no idea that they are not real criminals and that hidden cameras document their every move. The whole operation to uncover the illegal activities taking place within the four walls is complex and dangerous, which makes the production all the more intriguing. So now that it’s been a while, let’s find out what the Season 1 contestants are up to today, shall we?

Maryum ali

As the eldest of nine children of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, Maryum Ali was no stranger to humanitarian action and advocating for at-risk youth when she first entered the A&E show. Affectionately known as May May, she knew from an early age that she wanted to help people. . Today, Maryum continues to do the same while advocating for Parkinson’s disease and talking about communication skills and her father. In short, she is a lecturer and specialist in juvenile delinquency.

Barbra roylance williams

Barbra Williams, or Barbra Weldon when she was on the show, decided to be on ’60 Days In ‘because she wanted to see if the inmates have it easy because there is no work and “a lot. people go to jail, they get out and they go back to jail again. Also, since she is married to a serviceman with whom she shares two children, Barbara thought she could relate to some of the women inside, mainly because she was a teenage mother herself. Yet the author of “Majoring In Motherhood” and “Second Chances: The Memoir of a Teenage Mom” ​​couldn’t find that connection. found today, no new information is available about the stay-at-home mom in Hawaii in the years that have passed.

Tami Ferraiuolo

Growing up in group homes and the foster care system, Tami Ferraiuolo always felt that no one was there to protect her. So, while some of her peers became involved in illegal activities, she enrolled in the police academy and obtained a degree in clinical psychology. The reason for this glaring difference is what she wanted to explore, and since then the retired police officer has become a speaker for inmate rights and reintegration. That said, the married New York native, reality TV star and LGBTQ + advocate faded from the limelight in early 2018. Tami has not made a public appearance or statement since.

Jeffrey Downs

With a long career in security in casinos as well as in department stores, Jeffrey Downs thought he had seen it all when he applied to participate in “60 Days In”. He actually wanted to get an overview of the system while preparing to be a correctional officer because he believed that not all criminals could be bad. However, although he never gave a reason, Jeffrey did not go this route. Today, the Iowa resident is a genealogist and entrepreneur, having established Branch Out Your Roots Antiques, Heirlooms, and Ancestry in mid-2020. It seems he also has a YouTube channel called I’ve Got Ideas.

Robert holcomb

Robert Holcomb grew up in a strict but loving home in Illinois, which he says has helped him grow into a confident and open man. He has always believed that the United States is too soft on incarceration and that inmates should pay their debts by working behind bars, which would also facilitate their reintegration once released. Robert walked into “60 Days In” to test this theory and left claiming a medical emergency, only to be off the radar in a matter of months. Some reports claim that he has resumed his normal teaching life in Philadelphia, but we could not confirm this.

Isaiah Jenkins

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Isaiah Jenkins and his older brother have always been classified as mischievous. Thus, Isaiah’s world turned upside down when the latter locked himself up in the early 2010s. Unfortunately, this caused him to take action and fall behind in school before realizing that he had to resume. his life in hand if he wanted to graduate. Isaiah achieved this goal and then chose to join ’60 Days In ‘to walk in his brother’s place without becoming a criminal. The Philadelphia native has since stayed out of trouble and has gone on to become a public figure and musician under the stage name Fneagle.

Zachary Boulanger

Zachary Baker, also known as Zac Holland on production, was raised in a very conservative community in Tennessee before leaving to become a combat engineer in the Marine Corps Reserve. Soon after, he met and married Ashleigh (who went on to participate in Season 2) and learned that she had struggled with drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Because he wanted to see what it was like for her when she was incarcerated and gather other information that could help him pursue a career in law enforcement, he appeared on the A&E show.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like Zac has been able to land his dream job at the Drug Enforcement Agency yet. But we do know that he received several offers from the police department and that he, his wife and their two sons are a happy family in Las Vegas, Nevada. Until recently, the couple even had public Instagram accounts where they never shied away from showing off their funny relationship by posting prank videos. And while that no longer exists, their shared YouTube channel is still there.

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