Tziporah Malkah: “I am ready for motherhood!

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“Growing up in the 80s and having parents divorcing… that was not common. We were the only children in the neighborhood to have separated parents. In fact, I still remember the family court dramas to this day, ”recalls Tziporah, who says she never wanted to experience a“ fractured family ”for her own children.

While it’s clear that she doesn’t regret not having children at the time, Tziporah exclusively reveals that she finally finds herself at a point in her life where she feels satisfied enough to explore the prospect. of motherhood – albeit with very strict warnings.

“The last 10 years, up to the beginning of this year or so, have been perhaps the most difficult, the most excruciating and the most painful of my life. It was awful, ”Tziporah admits.

Parts of his journey over the past 20 years have included a high-level engagement that was canceled, hijacked by a friend, and at one point living in a boarding house upon his return from the United States to Australia.


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“Fortunately, things are much better. I am hopeful that one day I will look back and be able to see how far I have come to come out of this dark time in my life.

At 48 years old, Tziporah is fully aware of the “obstacles” associated with bringing children into the world “at this late stage”.

“I would have to see doctors, I might have to do a special diet, really assess things, but of course I’m open to that,” she says.

One thing she’s not open to, however, is tackling solo motherhood.


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“I don’t mean to disrespect single moms, I just couldn’t do it on my own,” she said, insolently revealing that there are “one or two” men in her life that she maybe could. to be seen one day as potential fathers.

“When I go out on a date or see a guy, I make sure first and foremost that we are compatible. The conversation about wanting kids will inevitably happen, ”she says, deciding to stay silent on the people she currently has an eye on.

Tziporah says her insistence on having children with a partner is purely motivated by her adoration for her father, former college professor Alastair Fischer.

“I remember so fondly spending the summer holidays with him – he’s a wickedly funny, wacky man. He can make you laugh just by looking at him, ”she laughs, aware that she inherited this trait from him.

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After growing up with two sisters, Tziporah says she hopes to one day raise a son.

“I would like to have a baby boy first, if that was possible. I always wanted a big brother to grow up, ”she explains, joking that she would be better equipped to deal with a girl the second time around.

While the search for her perfect man is underway, Tziporah insists that big things are in store for her in 2022 – she even teases a revealing memoir – but most of all she hopes for “peace.”

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