The Untold Truth of Susan Sarandon

In the early 1980s, Susan Sarandon was diagnosed with endometriosis and said she couldn’t have children – which is why she was caught off guard when she got pregnant in 1984.

“I was like, ‘This is a miracle!’” ​​She said. On March 15, 1985, she and Italian filmmaker Franco Amurri welcomed their daughter Eva – who has since become an actress herself, appearing in films like “Saved!” shows like “Californication,” starring alongside his mother in movies like “The Banger Sisters” and even playing a younger version of his mother in the 2012 Adam Sandler film “That’s My Boy”. Becoming a mother made Sarandon more invested than ever in her desire to improve the world.

“It’s not taken away from me. It’s something I have to explain to my daughter,” she told Mother Jones magazine. Sarandon and Amurri separated several years later, and in 1988 Sarandon began a relationship with Robbins. The couple had two children together: Jack Henry Robbins (director of the bizarre and endearing 2019 cult film “VHYes”, which featured appearances by his parents) and Miles Robbins (who starred in the comedy “Blockers” in 2018 as well as the same “Halloween” reboot of the year.

In August 2021, Salon asked Sarandon for her observations on motherhood during an interview on her movie “Ride the Eagle”. She said that although it was difficult to be a working mother, she took her children with her whenever she needed to work “until they were old enough to make a substantial argument against it. going there “. At the end of the day, she said, “I tried to have fun as a mom… It anchored me and kicked off all of my teaching skills… I love being a mom. I got really involved. My children constantly blew my mind. “

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