The Bahurupi Theater Festival will be held in March

Theatrical repertoire Rangayana will lead the Bahurupi National Theater Festival from March 11-20 and will stage 35 plays to mark the occasion.

The festival was originally scheduled to be held in December, but was postponed due to the outbreak of the third wave of COVID-19.

The plays will explore the wide range of motherhood which is the theme of the festival and will highlight issues related to Jaminu (farmland), Jala (water), Jangal (forest), Januwaru (animals) and Jana (people), according to Addanda C. Cariappa, director of Rangayana.

He told the media here on Saturday that there were no significant changes to the format and list of parts or speakers. The festival will be opened by environmentalist Tulsi Gowda.

RSS ideologue Chakravarthi Sulibele is among the listed speakers, although his inclusion was questioned and sparked widespread protests for weeks in December/January. Mr. Cariappa refrained from answering any questions about it and focused solely on the games.

The state government has so far released ₹50 lakh for hosting the festival and any additional expenses that may arise will be covered by ticket sales, Mr Cariappa said.

Tickets will be available offline in due time and will cost ₹100 per play, though Rangayana has also considered the idea of ​​introducing a ”subscription” to lessen the burden on theatergoers who want to make the most of the festival. .

Besides plays, there will be a book exhibition, workshops, seminars, film festival, arts and crafts exhibition, etc. Mr. Cariappa said the concept of motherhood encompasses nature, environment, land, language, etc. company.

Mr Cariappa said the theme for the festival had been decided after long discussions and that it would be an effort to rekindle respect for concepts and values ​​that were held dear before but are rapidly eroding these days. . “Parents are pushed into nursing homes or are abandoned and some of the films that will be screened as part of the festival will highlight these aspects.”

Of the 35 plays, 20 will be in Kannada and the rest will be staged in different languages ​​by troupes from across the country.

Besides 35 plays, the festival will also feature Jogati Nruthya, Kamsale, Puja Kunitha, Chande Mela, Mallakambha, Gorawara Kunitha, Veeragase, Jade Kolata, Siddhi Kunitha, Dollu Kunitha, Suggi Kunitha, Lavani, Gombe Garudiga, and Gombeyata, among others. .

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