Senator Rand Paul visits the Bowling Green Hope Center for Pregnancy Care


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – On Tuesday afternoon, Senator Rand Paul stopped by the Bowling Green Center for Pregnancy Care. The center provides resources such as counseling, pregnancy tests and limited STI testing. Senator Paul said he was proud of the work being done by the Bowling Green Pregnancy Center.

“We love the good news, and so we are here at the Hope Center, and we are proud of the charitable work they do in our community for young pregnant moms or any type of pregnant mom,” said Senator Paul.

After his visit with the staff of the Hope Center, Senator Rand Paul answered several questions from reporters on national and local issues. The former asked for his opinion on overwhelmed hospitals due to an increase in COVID-19 cases.

Senator Paul continued to urge people to learn about monoclonal antibodies, used to treat COVID-19. He said people should take advantage of it before they “get too sick”.

“What we’ve tried to tell people in public, you know, having a fever, body aches may not be enough,” said Senator Paul. “But if you also have a cough and chest congestion, you develop pneumonia, but you are not too sick yet, this is when you should call your doctor and ask if you are a candidate or no to monoclonal antibodies. “

Lately, Senator Paul has been in the headlines for his take on research on ivermectin, the drug used to treat parasites in livestock that some believe could treat COVID-19.

Paul said he isn’t necessarily encouraging people to take it, but that he should have a fair chance when it comes to researching its possible effects on COVID-19.

“I don’t think we know whether the final answer is effective or not, and it should be investigated,” he said. Left-wing media across the state across the country have gone mad, and to me it doesn’t seem so unreasonable that we are studying something. In fact, it is under consideration. It’s in phase three studies.

The FDA has publicly stated that humans should not ingest ivermectin as it could lead to serious health complications or death.

Senator Paul was also asked about his thoughts on Bowling Green accepting refugees from Afghanistan. He said he didn’t think Afghanistan should have withdrawn its troops so soon, and he is sympathetic to those who try to flee.

“I think that by leaving completely there, people are completely abandoning the whole country. So I think in a comprehensive strategy to help the women of Afghanistan, the people who want a more civilized existence in Afghanistan, there is no mistake about it, it is enough to evacuate. That being said, obviously we are sympathetic to the individual people and we actually tried to help the people who asked for our help to come here, ”said Senator Paul.

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