Oasis Pregnancy Care Centers opens in Dade City


Oasis Pregnancy Care Centers, a non-profit organization that offers support to women facing both planned and unplanned pregnancy, recently opened its fourth location in downtown Dade.

Pete Castellani cuts the ribbon at the inauguration of the Dade City Oasis Pregnancy Care Center, standing between Lora Novak (left) and April Beck (right). They are joined by residents and local dignitaries of the town of Dade. (Katie Fernandez)

The association, founded by Pete Castellani, started in 2009 when it opened in Land O ‘Lakes. Over the past 12 years, Oasis has successfully expanded into other areas such as Wesley Chapel and Tampa.

At the end of 2020, Castellani received a call from two local personalities in the city of Dade regarding an opportunity for a fourth location.

Randy Huckabee, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dade City, and Larry Guilford, founder of Make A Difference, contacted Castellani and suggested he take over a vacant center at 37522 Meridian Ave.

“We took the idea to our board, discussed it with the church, and lo and behold we opened our fourth center on May 11,” says Castellani.

Castellani was overwhelmed by the success and response he received at Dade City.

“The whole community, including different organizations, churches and politicians, has given us so much support. It was such a welcoming, friendly and great experience to enter this region, ”said Castellani.

For now, the center is only open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., but Oasis Dade Town Manager Lora Novak hopes to extend those hours as more people benefit. of its services.

All services offered to mothers and their partners are completely free, including pregnancy tests, a free ultrasound under 22 weeks, and Bright Course classes which are provided until the baby is 1 year old.

Lora Novak and Pete Castellani (Nicole Sanchez)

Bright Course courses, which are both in English and Spanish, educate mothers and their partners on what to expect during pregnancy, labor and delivery, breastfeeding and more.

Mothers earn points as they complete the various lessons, which can be redeemed in the Oasis Baby Shop, stocked with new and slightly used baby items.

“We provide bibs for the cribs, and everything in between,” Novak said.

Oasis emphasizes the importance for mothers to take the time to make their decision about childbirth.

“We always want them to choose life, but it’s ultimately their decision,” said Novak, “We would be there for them for advice and service in the future, whatever choice they choose. ‘they decide to do. “

For more information on downtown Dade and its services, visit OasisPregnancyCenter.org, or to donate, visit HeartsForOasis.pronetwork.us.

By Nicole Sanchez

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