New pregnancy care service launched at major Shropshire hospitals


The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (SaTH), which operates the Royal Shrewsbury and Princess Royal hospitals, will start using the new electronic system, called BadgerNet, from Monday. recording and maintenance notes.

BadgerNet is an online portal and application that will replace traditional paper pocket notes and can be accessed via a PC, tablet or mobile device.

The system enables real-time information sharing between midwives and expectant mothers, makes it easier and faster to update and verify records, and will give women and their support partners the ability to add important personal information and birth preferences.

The service will be in place from Monday for those who come to their first pregnancy appointments in hospitals from that date.

Those who have already started their pregnancy journey will continue on the current system to ensure the continuity of their records.

Dr Mei-See Hon, Clinical Director, Obstetrics and Consultant Obstetrician at SaTH, said: “It is so important that women have as much control as possible throughout their own pregnancy journey.

“This new service will allow them to have more convenient and faster access to key information, and will also ensure that their choices about what they want to happen at every stage are clearly captured for everyone who cares for them.” .

“Women must be assured that their midwife will guide them in their choices and in the new application.

“It’s also a fantastic tool for our midwives and clinicians, who will be able to share real-time information and gain instant insight into how women want their pregnancy care to progress. “

Louise Macleod, Development Coordinator at Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) said: “We welcome the introduction of BadgerNet by SaTH, which we have heard from other trusts which has proven to be very popular. from service users.

“This will be an important tool in ensuring that our women and their families benefit from more integrated and cohesive care.

“Their choices and preferences are visible to all the healthcare professionals with whom they deal, which improves the continuity of the care they receive. It will also improve the quality and consistency of the information families have access to, making it easier for them to find the supports they need.

“The MVP will continue to work with SaTH to ensure the service delivers what women and birth attendants want and need.”

All information entered on BadgerNet is kept secure and cannot be accessed without the correct login information, in a system very similar to online banking.

This password protection also allows users to share their records and notes with partners and families, who have the app, as and when they want.

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