Netflix Documentary Anna Nicole Smith: Plot, Cast & Release Date

According to People, a statement from Netflix confirmed that the documentary will include previously unseen footage of Smith’s life and events following his untimely death. Apparently, these images are from an unreleased documentary that focused on a young Smith trying to balance motherhood and her sudden fame.

“I approached the Anna Nicole story as an epic and mysterious tale. How has someone with so much charisma and breathtaking beauty, with the world at their feet, fallen so far, if quick ?” Macfarlane said in the statement.

“Now is a good time to reexamine the life of another beautiful young woman whose life has been taken over and ultimately destroyed by our culture,” she continued.

“I am delighted to be working with Netflix and Propagate to paint a moving, flawless and sensitive portrayal of one of the most misunderstood women of our time.”

Originally from Houston, Texas, Anna Nicole Smith (née Vickie Lynn Hogan) began her career as a pole dance dancer. While working at Gigi’s, a strip club in her hometown, Smith met her second husband, 89-year-old oil mogul J. Howard Marshall II.

According to Interview Magazine, the couple met one afternoon in October 1991, when Marshall fell in love with Smith dancing to Chris de Burgh’s “The Lady in Red”. After his performance, the 26-year-old gave him a lap dance, he offered him financial security and the rest is history. In 1994, the duo got married, however, their nuptials suggest that she only married him for his money, which she declined.

“I loved him so much for what he did for me and my son,” Smith told Larry King in 2002. “I’ve never had such love before. No one has ever loved me and done it. things for me, and respected me and didn’t care what people said about me. “

“For some reason people think I’m that terrible person and it really hurts to hear that. I’m just doing my best.”

During this time, she began her modeling career with Guess and in 1993 Playboy’s Playmate Of The Year. As for acting, she made her big breakthrough in the film Naked Gun 33â…“: The Final Insult, and watch Véronique’s closet and Ally McBeal.

Later, she scored her own E! reality series The Anna Nicole show, which pioneered future reality TV franchises like the Real housewives and keeping up with the Kardashians.

Sadly, Smith has faced his own struggles over the years, dealing with drug addiction, paternity lawsuits, fighting for her late husband’s estate and, tragically, the death of her first child, Daniel, in 2006.

In February 2007, she died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs in a Florida hotel room, leaving behind her five month old daughter, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead.

Currently, the documentary is still in production and does not yet have an official release date.

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