Missouri Baptists team up to provide women with life options at pregnancy care center

BOWLING COURT – A young woman with an unexpected pregnancy and no one to turn to for help is a dilemma Options for Women (Pregnancy Resource Center) in Bowling Green hopes to avoid. Women can take advantage of the services offered at this crisis pregnancy center and make a positive change in their lives.

“A lot of women come in and don’t know what to do,” said Carmen Gamm, director of customer services and a member of the Second Baptist Church. “They only see abortion as an option. We want them to see adoption and passing on to parents as the best options.

Eleanor Warner, founding board member and member of Immanuel Baptist Church, agreed with Gamm. “We have to pray for these women,” she said, “they don’t know what to do. God is the creator of life and he is never wrong. We need these women to see that there is purpose in life.

Gamm said many women needed the life skills classes offered by the center. “When they first come,” she says, “they don’t see the brokenness. They see no problem in jumping from one relationship to another. As we develop relationships, we want to lead them to Jesus to heal that breakup. We want to share God’s plan for marriage, relationships and family. Without a change of heart, the family remains broken and the babies are not cherished.

Since the center opened five years ago, Gamm said it has served 348 women, 109 in the last twelve months. “We have helped over 130 women vulnerable to abortion,” she said. “We have worked with twenty-one of them over the past year. It is difficult to estimate the number of babies we have saved. We continue to fight the good fight.

Warner identified ultrasound as an important part of the arsenal. “The center does ultrasounds once a month, but some are done on site for the girls when they arrive,” she said. “It’s a big help when they see this baby.”

Options offers a variety of services to encourage women to adopt or raise the child. “We offer a variety of parenting and life skills courses,” Gamm said. “We even have a candy shop where customers can spend the money they’ve earned from taking the classes. The shop offers cute baby items and baby necessities.

The Pregnancy Center started several years ago. Warner was part of Options’ early days. “The first stop was the Pike County Pro-Life group,” she said. “St. Clements Catholics were at the forefront of pro-life. We took trips to Washington, DC to participate in the March for Life. Then, we organized fundraisers to pay for the travel of ten young people. Father Bill Peckman was a driving force and he challenged us to do something to save the babies.

Warner explained that the options center follows a crisis center model in Rolla, Missouri. “Joe and Jan Dalton took our original board members to tour their facilities, and they did a lot of training for us to start.”

Warner spent her nursing career primarily in intensive care, but early in her career she studied midwifery in England. “Throughout my career, I have been able to see God’s direction,” she said. “He had a plan for this in my past. It takes time to educate a community. But it’s done, we will soon open a second site in Hannibal.

Ron Kunzweiler, pastor of Friendship Baptist Church in Bowling Green, agreed with Warner.

“We felt the Lord was bringing it all together,” he said. “Christians of different denominations working together with all members of their church helping. Christ wants lives and families to prosper. He is the author of the family and he wants his people to restore their original intention.

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