Minnie Driver recalls being told she couldn’t conceive | Entertainment

Minnie Driver felt devastated after learning she was ‘sterile’.

The 52-year-old actress was told by a doctor when she was 18 that she was unlikely to conceive, and Minnie was heartbroken at the time.

She shared: “I was told I couldn’t have kids when I was 18. This horrible doctor just walked into the room and he literally compared my womb to the U-bend in the toilet and said to me: “Nothing goes through that. You will not have children.

“So I believed him and I believed him all my life.”

Minnie still remembers being told she was “infertile” and thinks that’s a “crazy” description of a woman unable to have children.

She told ‘The Healthy Baby Show’ podcast: “What a ridiculous thing to tell them they’re empty, if that’s what barren means dead. A barren landscape, with no fertility. It’s crazy. “

But despite her doctor’s comments, Minnie finally managed to have her own “miracle” baby when she least expected it.

The Hollywood star – who has Henry, 13, with producer Timothy J. Lea – shared: “When I was 37 I woke up on January 1 with the flu and I was so disappointed. I was like, I have the flu. I had just broken up with someone who was nice but wasn’t my partner. I didn’t have kids. I didn’t have a job. I don’t know. And then I found out I was pregnant.”

Minnie also described motherhood as a “great belated adventure”.

She added, “It’s just us enforcing all our restrictions and dogma of what it should look like. And my mom said you should bury the word ‘should’ in the backyard.”

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