Marielle Heller, Paul Greengrass, Audrey Diwan, Michel Gondry and more are preparing the next films

The Cannes market ensures there’s no shortage of updates, so we’ve got another roundup. The talented Marielle Heller has found her next project as Variety reports that she is set to direct Amy Adams in Night slut. The adaptation of Rachel Yoder’s novel is backed by Searchlight Pictures, which will release the film on Hulu. While production is slated to kick off this fall, Adams will direct as a woman “engrossed in the stay-at-home routine of raising a toddler in the suburbs, who slowly embraces the deep-rooted wild power of motherhood, as she becomes increasingly aware of the bizarre and unmistakable signs that she might become a dog.

Following world newsPaul Greengrass has announced his next project. The hoodfeatured by Benedict Cumberbatch, is a period piece depicting the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381. THR notes that our starring role will likely play a farmer leading the ‘Major Uprising’, which ‘took part in large parts of England in response to issues such as socio-economic and political tensions and high taxation’ .

Lukas Moodysson looks back on his 2000 hit Whole for his next film. Daily screen reports that the Swedish director will helm a sequel titled Set 99. The story will pick up in 1999 when the collective featured in the original is now made up of two people, Göran (Gustaf Hammarsten) and Klasse (Shanti Roney), as they reconnect with their old friends. Production begins in August, so expect a festival next year.

As the pinnacle of Michel Gondry’s career has arrived, we’re still looking forward to what he’ll be working on next and now we have an update on his first project in seven years. The reading list reports that he is preparing the comedy in French The solution book, starring Pierre Niney, Blanche Gardin, Camille Rutherford, Frankie Wallach and Vincent Elbaz. Although not much is yet known, it will follow “a filmmaker trying to overcome his creative demons”, perhaps an autobiographical plea given the director’s hiatus between projects.

Earlier this week, we reported that Bong Joon-ho’s upcoming film, an adaptation of Edward Ashton’s new sci-fi novel Mickey7 starring Robert Pattinson, would debut in August in the UK and now more actors have been added. Deadline reports that Toni Collette, Mark Ruffalo and Naomi Ackie arrive aboard the sci-fi film, which follows a disposable worker drone sent on an expedition with humans to colonize the ice world Niflheim. If a mission is too dangerous, Mickey is dispatched and if he dies, a new body can be regenerated with his memories intact.

Variety reports a remake of the 1982 Wim Wenders documentary Room 666 is currently filming at the Cannes Film Festival. Supported by MK2 Films, Lubna Playoust is directing the new project, entitled Curiosity Room, which will feature interviews with Audrey Diwan, Pietro Marcello, Joachim Trier, as well as expected appearances from David Cronenberg and Claire Denis, and many more. The original, which starred Jean-Luc Godard, Steven Spielberg, Michelangelo Antonioni, Rainer Werner Fassbinder and more, posed questions about the future of cinema. Considering the past few years, it’s definitely time for another temperature check. See an excerpt from the original below.

Related to the update above, Diwan and Wenders have found their upcoming movies. the Event director will make her English debut with Léa Seydoux for Emmanuelle, Variety reports. Another adaptation of Emmanuelle Arsan’s novel, Diwan and Rebecca Zlotowski wrote the screenplay that follows “a woman and the series of erotic fantasies she harbors”.

Meanwhile, Wenders will return to Tokyo to make a toilet film, THR reports. Starring Koji Yakusho, it will follow the actual city plan to create 17 public restrooms designed by renowned architects. “A toilet is a place where everyone is the same, there are no rich and poor, no old and young, everyone is part of humanity,” Wenders said. “There is something very Japanese about the idea, about the whole decor. And I almost think that’s a utopian idea.

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