Leighton Meester on Beth’s Role, Motherhood, and Kate’s Killer in ‘The Weekend Away’

The weekend is Netflix’s latest thriller starring Leighton Meester, Christina Wolfe, Luke Norris, Adrian Pezdirc, Amar Bukvic and Ziad Bakri.

Based on the novel of the same name by Sarah Alderson, The weekend has twists and turns every step of the way that will put you on the edge of your seat.

The film follows the story of Beth who risks everything to find out who killed her best friend Kate during what was supposed to be a much-needed girls’ trip to Croatia.

Leighton Meester spoke to Newsweek why she wanted to be part of Netflix The weekend away how she and Beth have something in common, female friendship and Kate’s killer.

film for The weekendwhich was adapted for Netflix by book author Sarah Alderson, took place in the summer of 2021 on location in Split, Croatia, but what drew the Gossip Girl alum to the project in the first place?

“It was kind of like a combination of all of his parts, on first reading I saw the description as a 35 year old man with a 10 month old child, and it was odd that this was the exact moment when I was in love that they had that at the forefront of the character’s journey,” Meester said. Newsweek.

Just months before filming began, Meester gave birth to her second child, a son, with husband Adam Brody. In August 2015, they welcomed their daughter, Arlo Day Brody, into the world.

Meester said: “Beth has just become a mother, her whole life has changed. Her whole world has shifted to focus on her baby, her body, her friendships, her marriage, her career, everything has changed and she’s been waiting for this. looking forward to the time to kind of rekindle a friendship that had been neglected, so I can relate very well to that precious, fragile, delicate time and then, of course, the murder mystery element really appealed to me.

To prepare for the role, Meester asked questions such as “Who is Beth? Where is she in her life?”

She continued, “I could very well find a lot of common ground with her, and the high stakes of being out of the country, your child, and having your child thousands of miles away. That’s in especially what kept me on my toes, to the character and his journey and what happens to him.

“I guess I just have that much compassion and the ways that I can relate to a character is what drives me in every scene, so there’s that and then I think, really just the subject, because every moment it was intense, and at times very difficult, but the best thing was that everyone on set was super talented, supportive and helpful.”

In The weekend, it’s very clear that Beth and Kate are in totally different places in their lives. Right off the bat, Beth seems like she wants to have a relaxing weekend while Kate, who is going through a divorce, wants to party, party, and even hires two male escorts for their big night out (without Beth’s input).

In the end, Beth realizes that Kate’s actions – whether good or bad – were all about making Beth realize who she was, without her husband cheating on Rob.

Reflecting on Kate and Beth’s friendship, Meester said: “I think Kate and Beth’s relationship is obviously the most important relationship to have established at the start of the film and to have Christina [Wolfe] in this role is so perfect.

“Because while of course she can capture Kate’s fun and lightness and zest for life, I think she also gives her a kind of sadness or a story and a real warmth and also a sympathy that gives to Kate such a well-rounded presence in the film.

“It makes you realize why Beth cares so much about their friendship and why they’ve been friends for so long. I can’t think of a better person to have done this than Christina.”

As for Beth, Meester said that despite having a friend like Kate, she actually feels quite alone in her life.

She shared, “I think a lot of women go through the first year, two years, three years or so after having a child that their life is really transforming and I think she’s kind of trying to navigate that. which resembles being alone.

“She’s trying to navigate it on her own basically, without much support from friends or her husband and she, I think, is more shy and insecure and doesn’t trust her own instincts and to herself. [compared to Kate].

“And then I think as she goes through this tragedy, she comes face to face with being really alone, and that she’s smug and she can trust herself and his inner voice which is really powerful.”

Kate’s killer turned out to be Beth’s husband, Rob (Luke Norris). He had traveled to Croatia the day before Kate’s body was found in the ocean to confront her about their affair. Rob worried that Kate would tell Beth the truth about their illicit relationship, but in reality, she wanted absolutely nothing to do with him.

Full of rage and rejection, Rob pushed Kate and she unfortunately fell, banging her head on some rocks. Instead of helping her out of the water, Rob let Kate slip into the sea and drown.

Beth received the devastating blow that her ex-husband was the killer of her best friend after discovering a pearl from the necklace Kate was wearing the night it disappeared in Rob’s jacket pocket months later.

During the dramatic reveal, Meester said, “What drives the movie so well is the number of red herrings. I think the other part that makes it more cinematic is the tension, but also really, you you know, that sort of underlying tension with the police, and generally anyone Beth interacts with, that makes her feel like she needs to scream, be heard, be listened to, and believed. [ending] gives it even newer meaning and just tries not to reveal it.

“I think the script, as I was reading it for the first time, did a really good job of redirecting you, and what I think gives the plot twists such weight is that no one is entirely good or bad. Everyone in the movie has a dark side but then you wonder what their intentions were and why.”

The weekend is streaming on Netflix now.

Leighton Meester as Beth in ‘The Weekend Away’ on Netflix
Ivan Sardi/Netflix

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