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Never enough money. The cost of living is increasing day by day, overheads are increasing on a monthly basis, and what has been stagnant for years is wages. The phrase “I need money” can be heard in almost every conversation. It has become so commonplace that no one is surprised to hear it every step of the way. Because until recently, it was considered rude to talk about money in society. And today, given the financial situation in society, the phrase “I need money” has become the most normal part of the conversation.

What do loan companies offer?

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The most commonly advertised credit houses offer a wide range of products that respond to the “I need money” statement. They offer their clients quick loans and loans that are repaid on the same day. They borrow smaller amounts of money that the customer can repay in an extremely short period of time, leaving room to re-borrow money if they need it.


What do banks offer?

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With the same intent in remedying unforeseen situations such as the sudden cost of travel, weddings or repairs, banks offer quick solutions for those who thought “I need the money” today. They offer a minus on a checking account that allows clients to get less money in a quick and easy way without much paperwork. The only downside to this type of lending is high interest rates.

Another option is credit card loans. It is ideal for all credit card users and is paid directly into a checking account. It is repaid like any other non-purpose loan. When granting this type of loan, creditworthiness is not checked, but care is taken to ensure that the client’s payment is correct. It is paid out within one day and the payment deadline is minimal because it is a smaller amount of money.

How to borrow it from family or friends

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If neither of the lending options of the financial institutions succeeds, there is always the possibility of borrowing money from family members or friends. An option is that citizens are increasingly avoiding it because they do not want to listen to talk. They just want to borrow money, not justify why they don’t have it in their account.

It is not easy for anyone to admit that there is no money, but it is even worse to hear someone’s letter in it. It is for this reason that experts recommend that if you want to borrow money from loved ones, simply treat this whole relationship as you would treat one with a bank. Be business and arrange the terms of the loan, then put it all on paper. Indicate how much is being borrowed, what is the interest rate if it is fixed, how long the repayment plan is, whether the repayment plan can be extended if necessary and the like.

It may sound too formal, but the fact is that this type of borrowing will keep you nervous, as well as the relationship with the people from whom you borrowed money. The fact is that it changes the dynamics of the relationship and if you want to keep it as it is, this is the best way.