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How to Save to Buy a House 

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We all dream of having our own house and not having to allocate part of our salary in a rental. Obviously, buying a property is not a simple task but here are some tip to save money and move from dream to the reality of your own home:


Make important sacrifices such as stop buying that gadget that you “need” so much or maybe spend a couple of years without going on vacation beyond visiting relatives. Not forgetting that beers with friends for a while will be a thing of the past. Or roll up your sleeves and start putting your finances in order. See what you spend more on and where you can trim to the last cent.

In this crusade to get your own home you will have to find a place to live well for free. Getting to save to buy a house can involve living during that period of time in a cheap place. A place where you are comfortable, have a minimum of habitability. Here the account is simple, if you allocate a lot of your salary to a rental, it will take you longer to save the money you need.

After the rental there are several places where you can make cuts: Try to always use public transport instead of the car. Do not leave electrical appliances on standby. Change the light bulbs to low energy ones. Look for free forms of leisure and fun. Don’t stop drinking coffee going to work, better at home. Do not buy books, use your library.

So don’t waste time and start saving in all the dimensions of your life!

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Make your money work:

Did you ever hear this phrase? It is time that we optimize all the resources we have at hand. Save for months and the money you have leave it in the savings account or in the fixed-term deposit and see how interest accrues. So your money is not devalued and you get an extra while you do not use it.

Focus on your goal and stay motivated

This tip may be the most important. Saving to buy a house requires time and sacrifice so any help is little. Above all psychological.
Have the photo of the house that you want to buy in visible places, that serve as a reminder and motivation. You can also use a progress bar that you will cross out or color as you get closer to your goal. Or whatever else you can think of.

Seek financing

As much as you apply all these tips you may feel that you will never reach your goal and it is understandable because the rod is very high. But don’t be disappointed! Maybe you can appeal to a mortgage loan and see how the fees impact your daily life. If the entities agree to your request, perhaps the money you use to pay the rent can start to be used to pay your own house!

We hope you find these suggestions useful!