From healing scars to postpartum hair loss: beauty brands are using Instagram to talk honestly about the fourth trimester

“Given the number of taboos surrounding women’s bodies and health, we are driven by our overriding mission to normalize conversations and break down censorship. Our community is always quick to share their thoughts with us, which is essential to share authentic content,” says Elvie CMO, Aoife Nally. “Ultimately, brave, unfiltered, and honest posts get positive responses on our organic social media channels. But rather than likes and followers, we measure success by sparking honest conversations.

There is also Tommee Tippeewhose The Boob Life ad – a shameless celebration of women, their bodies and their infant feeding choices – launched last year. From leaky nipples to nighttime pumping sessions, her uncensored look at what women and their bodies go through, no matter how they feed, has been liked and shared hundreds of thousands of times. This is despite its ban on Facebook for nudity – another obstacle preventing women from seeing a realistic depiction of the postpartum period online.

One thing that can make it harder to take care of yourself physically after birth is the sudden change in priorities. In the meantime, you’re encouraged to indulge in prenatal yoga classes, massages, and pregnancy skincare ranges, but after the baby arrives, you may feel like self-care isn’t a thing. than another job on the list. On top of that, beauty and wellness products for new mothers are often quite unluxurious – veering towards the medicalized or the condescending (prepare to be treated like “mom” in all the marketing from there). ).

Fiona Toomey launched a postpartum care brand Nessa Organics in 2019, after struggling to find beauty products she loved after having babies of her own. “I felt pretty let down by the beauty industry when I had my kids — none of the products made me feel good about myself,” she says. “When we launched there was really nothing there, but there’s an element of self-care that’s really important after having a baby.”

Nessa’s products are tastefully packaged in pink and clay-colored bottles, smell great, and include everything from a balm for C-section scars to a scalp oil meant to alleviate postpartum hair loss. Stretch marks, loose skin and swollen breasts are all present on the @nessaorganics Instagram account, as well as regular series on topics such as vulvar health, birth recovery and breastfeeding, often in partnership with experts like Bourne.

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“We started small, so Instagram was the only place we could show our personality. The educational aspect of postnatal care was huge for us and still is – it’s about helping women see that we’re going through all this ordeal,” Toomey explains. “We do a lot of polls and questions on Instagram, and get thousands of responses. People really want to let you know how they felt at this point.

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