Eastern Ky Pregnancy Care Center serving mothers, families in 13 counties, 3 states


By TESSA REDMOND, Kentucky today

PIKEVILLE, Ky. (KT) – The Appalachian Pregnancy Care Center serves as a light for families in eastern Kentucky, southern West Virginia, and western Virginia. For 14 years, the APCC has encouraged and helped women carry their babies to term and has supported families after childbirth.

“We offer a no-abortion alternative for unplanned or unwanted pregnancy,” said Kay Hammond, Executive Director of the APCC. “Our mission is to save lives and help our customers become more productive citizens.

APCC offers a range of services to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of pregnant women and their families. Pregnancy tests, peer counseling, adoption education, and Care Net parenting classes are a few resources for pregnant women. APCC also offers postabortion recovery services, referrals to other agencies in the community, grandparent classes, and a Earn As You Learn program that provides parents with pregnancy education and articles. materials for their babies.

“From the moment you walk through our doors, you feel welcome. There would be no judgment on you. You would feel welcome; you would feel loved, ”Hammond said.

About 200 clients use APCC services each year. And while the pregnancy care center serves a wide range of clients, the presence of a university with both an optometry program and a medical school in the Pikeville area means many are teenagers or young people. adults.

Clients with unplanned pregnancies face many pressures that impact their decision to carry their babies to term and motivate them to seek help from pregnancy care centers like APCC.

“With every girl I have counseled with, the first thing is fear. Fear really and really overwhelms them, ”Hammond explained. “The things they think are, what am I going to do? What will my parents do? What will my church family do? What will my friends say?

Many women also face economic challenges, such as being able to keep their jobs during pregnancy or financially support their child after birth. And many women struggle with spiritual matters.

“I have heard so many girls say this: What will God think of me? Will God forgive me? What about my church family? Will they accept me? Hammond said.

Hammond added that churches in the Pregnant Women’s Care Center’s vast community network have been incredibly supportive and accepting of young women facing unplanned pregnancies in their congregations. And APCC is able to refer pregnant women and their support networks to local church bodies.

“I think the Kentucky Baptists are up to the task,” Hammond said. “KBC churches are our biggest supporters. “

In fact, the APCC was first funded through the collaboration of the local church. An experimental bottle-collecting campaign sought support from churches of different faith backgrounds, and hundreds of bottles were returned to the nascent ministry, filled with change.

“It was one of the first times in my life that I saw churches with different thoughts coming together for one purpose: to make sure there was life, to help these young girls and women who had it. needed, ”said JR Blackburn, APCC President. Board of Directors.

APCC now enjoys the support of churches and businesses in the region, which provide the pregnancy care center with a large volunteer base, financial donations and material goods, such as diapers and wipes.

“When I think of the support from the community, it’s just overwhelming,” Hammond said.

In addition to an annual bottle drive, the APCC also organizes a Banquet for Life in which nearly 1,000 people participate. As COVID restrictions forced the event into a virtual format this spring, supporters raised $ 40,000 to support the work of the APCC. And their next event, a golf tournament in June, quickly sold out.

Pregnancy care centers like APCC have been in the spotlight, Hammond says, when it comes to standing up for unborn children – but they’re not the only ones who can lend their voices to protect and defend life.

“Unborn children are so important. They are the creation of God and we need more people to be that voice.

To learn more about Appalachian Pregnancy Care Center, visit appalachianpregnancycare.com.

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