Check out the cast of “Children Ruin Everything”

Children ruin everything is a Canadian comedy television show that CTV dropped earlier this year. The show is created by Kurt Smeaton, who previously worked on Kim’s Convenience, Schitt’s Creek, and Cavendish. The show focuses on the struggles of two young parents as they attempt to draw a line between their lives as young people and their lives as parents. The show is produced by Smeaton, alongside Mark Montefiore and Chuck Tatham, a writer and producer who had previously worked on Arrested development, how i met your motherand Modern family. If you want to know more about the stars of Children ruin everything, We have what you need. Here are the cast of the CTV comedy series Children ruin everything.

Meaghan Rat

Meaghan Rath stars in Children ruin everything like Astrid, a mother of two children. In an announcement via Deadline, Rath’s role on the show is featured: “Rath stars as Astrid, a smart, funny and caring mother who feels the tension between returning to work and stay-at-home motherhood. While she’s more than ready to ditch the stained sweatpants and kids’ schedules to focus more on her career, she also wonders what life with a third child would be like. Casting is still ongoing to find her partner James. The Canadian actress was born in Montreal and has appeared in film projects like Lost and Delirious, Prom Wars: Love is a Battlefield, You are so Undead, and Three night stand. On television, she has worked in Supergirl, Magnum PI, Schitt’s Creek, Hawaii Five-0, Rogue, Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Lifeand Pattern. She also starred in To be human and The Deputies.

Aaron Abrams

Actor Aaron Abrams plays the role of James in Children ruin everything, representing Astrid’s wife and the father of their two children. A leading television and film actor in Canada, Abrams has worked as a leading character on projects like The inner state, slings and arrows, and Run away. He has also worked on films like The Lovebirds, Code 8, The Go-Goers, The Open Doors, and From Jennifer. On television, he appeared in 26 episodes of the hit series Hannibal. He also lent his voice to the adult animated series Produce Parker, voicing the character of Simon Nolan for 26 episodes. Abrams has worked on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Masters of Sex, Murder in the First, Pretend, Blindspot, and ITUC: Cyber. In an interview with, Abrams opened up about his early days as an actor, revealing that he started in the industry as a kid. “Yeah, I started acting when I was a kid. I went to an arts high school as an acting major. Eventually I went to a theater conservatory in Chicago. That’s where they started. “beat the Canadian. I started to swear and generally be less polite. Which helps me now because of the types of characters I play sometimes.

Ennis Esmer

Ennis Esmer plays James’ best friend and colleague, Ennis. The Turkish-Canadian actor and comedian is best known for his role as Osman Bey in The listener. He also worked in private eyes, portraying Kurtis Mazhari, and red oaks, playing the character of Nash. Like Abrams, Esmer also appeared in Blind spot, playing a character specifically written for him, named Rich Dotcom. His most recent work on the big screen includes The go-getters, Clara, Dirty Singles, and The Rocker. In addition to acting, Esmer has worked as a host, primarily for the show Battle Canada Roast. On the popular Canadian series Schitt’s Creek, Esmer appeared for three episodes as Emir Kaplan. In an interview with Talk nerdy with usEsmer opened up about his early acting days, saying, “I discovered that I was really good at coming up with excuses for why I didn’t turn in papers in middle school and high school. I really had to play for teachers to buy it. So it probably started there. Acting and drama were actually the only classes I got good grades in. In fact, Aaron Abrams and I are went to the same high school and HS. We took experimental theater and improv. I consider myself very lucky to have attended a school specializing in the fine arts. Earl Haig represents.

Naznean Contractor

Nazneen Contractor plays Dawn, Astrid’s sister. The entrepreneur is best known for her portrayal of Kayla Hassan on the hit action series 24 in 2010. She also played Layla Hourani on the CBC show The border. She’s had roles in some of the most popular films of the past decade, including Roman J. Israel, Esq. the critically acclaimed film starring Denzel Washington. She also appeared in Trigger point, spiraland Star Trek in darkness. Before appearing in Children ruin everything Nazneen Contractor has had roles in Letterkenny, the expanseand Ransom, in which she played a main character. Contractor also lends his voice to animated projects like Mixed Adventures of Mickey Mouse and The noisy house.

Dmitry Chepovetsky

Dmitry Chepovetsky plays Bo, Dawn’s husband, in Children ruin everything. The actor is best known for his role as Bob Melnikov in the science fiction television series ReGenesis. Apart Children ruin everythingChepovetsky has appeared on shows like Frankie Drake Mysteries, Supernatural, Alphas, CHAOS, and The Kennedys.

Veena Sood

Veena Sood plays Nisha, Astrid and Dawn’s mother, in Children ruin everything. The Kenyan-born actress has worked in front of the camera since the early 80s. She has appeared in films like Welcome to Marwen, Downsizing, Numb, and 50/50. She is set to appear in two upcoming films: wedding season and Statutory Violence 2.

Lisa Codrington

Lisa Codrington plays James and Ennis’ boss in Children ruin everything. A seasoned actress, the Canadian performer appeared in Letterkenny, as does his co-star Nazneen Contractor. She has also appeared on shows like Bad Blood, Copper, Heroes Reborn, Man Seeking Woman, The Handmaid’s Tale, Saving Hope, Alias ​​Grace, Cardinal, What Would Sal Do?, Schitt’s Creek, Anne with an E, and Little dog. On stage, she appeared in Da Kink in my hair and Dream of a summer night.

Child performers

Child artists making appearances in Children ruin everything include Logan Nicholson and Mikayla SwamiNathan. Logan plays Felix, Astrid and James’ seven-year-old son, while Mikayla plays Viv, the couple’s four-year-old younger daughter. Darius Rota, who plays Corey, Dawn and Bo’s child, also appears in the series.

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