Chapter 27: Kehlani Ashley’s Birthday Note to Herself

Kehlani Ashley Parrish, an American singer, dancer and songwriter, wrote herself a note as she celebrates her 27th birthday.

Ashley expressed her emotions on her special day by naming it the 27th chapter of her life, being grateful to God.

“Chapter 27. Impossible without a multitude of forces, faces and discoveries. Thank you. grateful. Thank God. endlessly.” Ashley posted on her Instagram page.

Ashley’s note to herself at 27

When you scroll to the next photo on Ashley’s last post, you’ll see an elaborate note Ashley wrote for herself, 27. It expresses how this chapter of life will be “feeling different” and how everyone around us aims and works to become “someone our child would be proud of and someone that same child needs.

Ashley’s accomplishments are worth being proud of

The singer deserves to be proud of what she has achieved at the age of 27. She got her initial recognition by her group “Poplyfe” which got 4th place in season 6 of “America’s Got Talent”. fame when his solo mixtape “You Should Be Here” was released.

Child, not only would you be proud, but you would be in awe of yourself now.,included in Ashley’s note is perfectly identified by the singer that her little self would certainly be in awe of the fact that she is reaching a stage in her career where she has garnered immense appreciation and love from fans around the world.

Ashley making the Grammy nominations is a milestone in itself for these young artists.

Ashley’s fearlessness and bravery

The singer quoted this You (herself) are fearless, your bravery is unwavering, and you do things even when you’re scared.

Ashley is known for being direct and someone who speaks her mind, she never hesitates to reveal her deepest fears and pain to the world and this honesty and bravery is what adds charm and uniqueness to her music.

In the post above, the artist expressed how she feels about different aspects of her life and how to unlearn to seek validation and learn to be more mindful.

Raised by her aunt, with her mother in prison and her father dead from a drug overdose, the artist was brave enough to leave the past behind and embrace her future.

A proud mother

Ashley, speaking to herself on her birthday, expressed how she has evolved over these 27 years and how “You (Ashley) lean into all your feelings because you’ve learned to alchemy. You are a best friend. A better girl. More importantly, you are an amazing mother. You are a mother, your mother says she would like to be hers.

The way the singer updated fans on how her motherhood has progressed since her pregnancy says a lot about how she is doing her best to provide her child with everything that her childhood lacked.

The caption to the above post from Ashley with her son is just one representation of how grateful she is to have her child in her life.

“You look better without makeup, and more inspiring with fewer words. In a way, your smile at 27 looks the most like your smile at 9, and you’re still getting younger. You arrived, dressed in your outfit playful, barefoot with curls covered in sea salt. It’s so nice to meet you. You’re finally the one you’ve always dreamed of” That’s how Ashley ended her note.

The final lines describe the fabric of Ashley’s life and how important self-love is to her. Ashley embraces herself ignoring all the norms set by society for her, age is just a number and she is only getting younger with each passing year. What she focuses on is enjoying every moment of her being.

The 27-year-old self is what Ashley has dreamed of becoming since she was 9.

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