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It’s important to celebrate women writers who continue to break new ground in the literary world with powerful, compelling, and brutally honest storytelling. In honor of Women’s History Month, we want to help you with your 2022 TBR list with 15 new readings from women of color who revitalize literature with stories meant to be celebrated.

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There are so many books we could choose from. But these 15 can honestly be a great foundation on which to build your own library of inclusive literature, spotlighting women of color and the perspectives they bring to the literary form. These books range from steamy, sexy reads like Amy Lea’s put on you to heart-pounding thrillers like Crawl by Leila Mottley. Whichever book you choose, we’re sure you won’t be dropping those page-turners anytime soon.

One of the best ways to understand lived experiences different from our own is to read and listen. These novels offer the opportunity to bear witness to a range of experiences, all from the minds of the women of color who created their characters and built the worlds they inhabit. Women’s History Month is the perfect time to raise voices that have always been siloed. Let these books guide you to new worlds, experiences and perspectives that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact. Check out our roundup of new women of color books you should buy this Women’s History Month!

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