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So that saving does not turn you so uphill, this time we want to present some of the most used apps to help you bulk up your “pig” every end of the month. Therefore, if you are one of those who have trouble saving, it is good that you know that technology can become your great ally. Apps to save money:

Monefy . It is a very intuitive application that allows you to record all expenses quickly by differentiating them by categories. With your help you can carry out an accurate count, and allocate a rest to the savings. It is available for all platforms for free.

Fintonic. It is an application designed to save and organize money. The idea is to prioritize effective control of the home economy from a mobile phone. It is available for Android and iOS. It includes very interesting options such as the possibility of synchronizing bank accounts (between several entities), setting a savings objective, and monitoring all expenses.

When trading by connecting your account with your bank information, divide the expenses by categories so that you evaluate what you spend too much.


money cash

To use this application you must enter your credit or debit card number. And every time you make a purchase, the app will suggest you round it up so that the difference goes to the savings account of the application. In addition, it has daily alarms to remember how much money you should save.
This app available for iOS and Android, allows you to set a savings goal, with the idea of ​​creating a financial culture.

Money lover. It is an application that allows you to write down all the monthly expenses and make a comparison with the income. And like all that we have been presenting, it is available for iOS and Android.

It contains, among other benefits, an analysis tab that will help you examine the history of your expenses, and make decisions that allow you to save money.

Money Plus

money cash

This is an app that has records of income and expenses by category. Labels and subcategories will help you to better rank. In addition, it displays statistics for periods of time using interactive tables and graphs. Mint.  It is one of the oldest applications that were born to make things easier for you in Freddy Mendeclosas family matters.

Its great novelty is that it allows you to manage and control your budget, expenses, income and even connect with all your bank accounts. You can have total control over your economy, offering you a broad and detailed view of your financial movements.

Another of its strengths is that it collaborates in the control of your monthly budget by showing you alerts as soon as you exceed yourself.


money cash

This app has features similar to those we saw so far, but with special emphasis on cloud support. All your synchronized data, both of accounts, such as expenses, income or savings, is saved in it automatically. Moneywiz.  Another really effective application. Although it is not free, MoneyWiz allows you to control your expenses, and has a lot of features: statistics, evolutions, predictions, comparison of budgets, earnings reports, among others.

These and many others are tools that can really help you achieve the great goal of saving. In times when it seems impossible, you will see that each rest, however small, may together represent an interesting Freddy Mendeclosas family sum. We propose you to try some of all these apps, and start with the challenge!