25 most frequently asked questions about pregnancy


Pregnancy care can begin at the preconception stage. A mother’s body undergoes many changes throughout pregnancy and therefore care should not be ignored. Health expert Dr Gauri Valame, who has 15 years of experience in obstetrics and infertility treatment, presents us with some amazing ways to support this journey. Care during pregnancy is a subject that all women have questions about. A pregnant woman should never ignore the problems related to the following:

  • Baby panties

  • Vaginal infections

  • Amniotic liquid

  • Abdominal pain

  • Medications

  • Baby growth

The management of pregnancy is divided into three parts:

Preconception: If you are trying to conceive, make sure your body is fully prepared for the demands of pregnancy. Maintain a regular intake of folic acid and regularly monitor thyroid, weight, blood pressure, and sugar.

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Pregnancy: This phase is again divided into quarters. Although the care and precautions remain the same, overall weight gain should be monitored. Weight gain normally occurs as 1 kg, 5 kg and then 5 kg in each quarter respectively.

Post-conception: The care extends to the breastfeeding phase and you must follow the same nutritional plan because your baby is still dependent on your body for its nutrition. Strictly avoid alcohol and tobacco. Exercise regularly and follow a proper diet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy

1. Is a normal delivery possible if the mother has a herniated disc?

If the pelvis is open enough and there is labor pains, normal childbirth is possible. Other factors that must be taken into consideration are the health and weight of the mother and baby.

2. I am 29 weeks pregnant and the scans have shown that there is less water around the baby. I am also a thyroid patient. Will it affect the baby?

See your doctor for treatment. Abnormalities in the baby once verified should be treated immediately. The thyroid should be checked and monitored.

3. Is it safe to have sex at 8 months of pregnancy?

It’s your choice but there is a risk of infection.

Care during pregnancy is crucial

4. I am 35 weeks pregnant and my baby is in a breech position.

There is a chance the baby will turn around. Otherwise, delivery can be done by cesarean section.

5. I am 9 months pregnant. How to overcome fatigue and fatigue?

This is a fairly common symptom. Do not stress. Practice butterfly and Kegel exercises. You can also do housework like squatting and mopping the floor.

6. I am 6 months pregnant and have shortness of breath.

Stay hydrated and avoid physical exertion and standing for too long.

7. There is a single loop of cord around baby’s neck. Is this going to cause any trouble?

There is no need for a cesarean section because it is not harmful. However, if the baby is choking, surgery may be needed. If there is an active infection, vaccination may be necessary for the baby.

8. I am 6 days late for delivery. What should I do?

NSD and water around baby should be checked. Consult your doctor.

9. I am 8 weeks pregnant and have abdominal pain and nausea.

Both are normal symptoms of the first trimester. Consult your doctor for medication.

10. I am 5 months pregnant and have a urinary tract infection.

Immediate treatment is important because cramps can cause preterm labor.


Immediate treatment is important because cramps can cause preterm labor

11. I am 3 months pregnant. My doctor suggested that I take the NIPT test. Is it important?

It is a test to detect birth defects in the baby. The results of previous tests are also important. If you have a history of birth defects, get tested.

12. My TSH (thyroid) level is 7.5. What is the normal level and is it harmful for the baby?

Normal TSH levels are 3-3.5. High thyroid levels can affect a baby’s development.

13. I am 32 weeks pregnant and have a watery discharge.

If it’s curdled, it’s a sign of infection otherwise it’s normal. See your doctor to check for labor.

14. I am 6 months pregnant. How can I overcome gas problems?

Gas is usually a sign of indigestion. Eat early dinner and do light exercise to improve digestion. Munch ajwain with a little salt.

15. I am 6 weeks pregnant and cannot feel my baby’s heartbeat.

Do not worry. It’s too early to feel a heartbeat. As long as the other scans are normal, there is no need to worry.

16. I am 5 months pregnant and usually eat breakfast at 11 am. Do you have any food suggestions?

Eat smaller meals more frequently. Ideally, breakfast should be prepared before 9 a.m. You can eat snacks at 11 a.m. Eating too late or having too much of a gap between meals can cause acidity.

17. What can I do to treat back pain?

You can apply gel ointment topically and see your doctor for pain reliever.

18. I have a low placenta. Please suggest some steps I can take to ensure safe delivery.

Avoid sex and strenuous physical exertion. Avoid traveling and stay at home and in a stress-free environment. Take the stairs and maintain good posture.

19. I am 34 weeks pregnant and have pain in the sides of my stomach and above the vagina, as well as frequent movement.

This is normal and indicates that the baby’s head is moving downward. If the frequent movements are accompanied by cramps or constipation. You can take a stool softener.

20. My wife is 35 weeks pregnant. On her last ultrasound, the baby’s lateral ventricles were found to be 10.7mm. What is the standard size?

It should not exceed 10mm or it could lead to complications.


Healthy Eating During Pregnancy Is Good For You And Your Baby

21. How much should the baby be at 5 months pregnant?

It should be between 2.25 and 2.75 kg.

22. What is the significance of the posterior placenta? Is it a harmful condition?

This is not a reason to be concerned. It is a reference for doctors to judge the position of the placenta.

23. Baby’s toiletry bag looks larger than normal. Is this problematic?

A detailed NIPT blood test can give decisive results.

24. I am 33 years old and I am afraid of having a normal childbirth.

As long as you and your baby are healthy, it is possible to have a normal delivery.

25. I am 6 months pregnant and the ultrasound showed the baby’s heartbeat to be irregular.

Do not worry. You can check again after 7 days.

25. I am 6 months pregnant. Which vaccines should I take at this stage? Also, what are the pros and cons of water childbirth?

At this point the vaccines you need to take are diphtheria prevention, flu prevention. I would not advise childbirth in water as there is not enough experience to support it in our community.

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