21st Century Moms Want Versatility In Pregnancy Care, Survey Finds


TEL AVIV, Israel, February 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Nuvo Group, a privately held company that markets INVU â„¢, an FDA-approved, prescription-launched remote pregnancy monitoring platform, today announced the results of an investigation that examines recent experiences of new mothers or pregnant women with surveillance. The survey, commissioned by Nuvo in partnership with Wakefield Research, was conducted among 500 new mothers or pregnant women in United States and focused on the existing challenges of in-person antenatal care appointments, such as time needed, childcare needs and time spent away from work, as well as emerging concerns arising from the COVID pandemic -19.

Main findings of the survey:

  • The average woman spends over an hour (69 minutes) on each in-person prenatal visit, spending a total of over 800 minutes on in-person prenatal visits during her pregnancy.
  • 71% of new and expecting mothers surveyed said they were “really worried” about exposure to COVID-19 as a direct result of in-person prenatal visits.
  • 80% of new and future mothers of color, who are disproportionately affected by the pandemic, said they were “very concerned” about exposure to COVID-19 during antenatal visits.
  • 79 percent of pregnant women during the COVID-19 pandemic had up to seven antenatal telehealth visits with their doctor – however, anecdotal evidence suggests these visits often lacked some of the vital measures taken during in-person visits.
  • 77 percent of new mothers and pregnant women would prefer to perform some of their antenatal visits remotely as long as their doctor could provide the same level of care.
  • 93% of women surveyed believe that hearing their doctor tell them that their pregnancy is going well is the most reassuring part of their prenatal visits.

“Research shows that current pregnancy monitoring guidelines, which recommend 12 to 14 office monitoring sessions, place a burden on pregnant women that is difficult to bear at the best of times – and frankly, dangerous during a pandemic,” says Debra bass, Global Marketing Director and President of Nuvo Group America. “Moms shouldn’t be tied to 100% physical care in an age when technology allows patients to access care from anywhere. As Nuvo seeks to introduce pregnancy care in the 21st century, we thought it was important to better understand the current feelings of expectant mothers so that we can continue to serve them with new solutions that meet their evolving needs. ”

“These survey results clearly demonstrate that the burden of maintaining antenatal care appointments can be addressed through digital and / or telehealth options. Elisabeth cherot, MD, chief medical officer of Axia Women Health. “Axia recently became the first American partner to offer the INVU platform to our patients as part of our ongoing commitment to improve the quality of our care while preserving the personalized nature of our approach. Based on the needs of today’s patients, it is important for providers to start expanding telehealth services beyond video “televisions” to include full remote monitoring, both during the pandemic. COVID-19 and beyond. “

Nuvo’s INVUMC is the first FDA-approved remote pregnancy monitoring platform that allows pregnant women to monitor maternal and fetal health from anywhere under the supervision of their physician. The doctor prescribes the INVU to the mother, who wears the INVU sensor bracelet during virtual visits. During these visits, a live reading allows the mother to access streamlined data and information through the paired INVU app, while the provider receives fetal and maternal heart rate tracings comparable to viability checks. fetal problems that normally occur during antenatal visits. INVU is designed to integrate with other peripheral devices, such as blood pressure cuffs, allowing the mother to easily record and track important vital signs for her provider to review in one application.

About the Nuvo Group
Nuvo Group is committed to serving providers and pregnant women by advancing pregnancy care with new technologies, tools and practices. The INVU platform combines proprietary hardware for data collection, innovative cloud-based software for computing power, and AI tools to optimize the pregnancy care experience on a global scale. INVU has received 510 (k) clearance from the US FDA for maternal and fetal heart rate monitoring, and has pending 510 (k) clearance for remote monitoring of maternal uterine activity in United States. The company’s leadership is made up of dedicated data engineers, experienced healthcare and business professionals, software designers and proud parents who embrace a collective mission to give every life a better start.

For more information and full indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions as well as instructions for use, visit: www.nuvocares.com


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