10 most unexpected things that happen in sex and the city

Sex and the city followed the sexual and romantic exploits of three single women in their 30s and one in their forties, in the city that never sleeps. The show was famous for its mix of romantic drama and scorching comedy, reflected in its many unforgettable storylines.

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However, not all was fun and playful for the ladies on the show. Sex and the city presented its fair share of drama throughout its six seasons, including many surprising events that shocked audiences. From unexpected deaths to unexpected propositions, these stories have taken everyone by surprise.

ten Carrie cheats on Aidan with a fat

Carrie in Red Heels Talks to Big in Sex and the City Season 3 Episode 10

Carrie’s relationship with Big was pretty toxic. He was emotionally detached and didn’t want to commit, and she became too desperate and refused to accept him as he was. The two go out twice and end their relationship on really bad terms each time, which is why fans were stunned when Carrie began an affair with him in season three.

Carrie and Big were both engaged at the time; she was with Aidan, and he had recently married Natasha. The case went on for too long, with Carrie refusing to take responsibility, excusing her by saying it was a “force stronger than her.” Considering how badly Big treated her, it was surprising and more than a little frustrating that she willingly came back for more.

9 Natasha breaks her tooth

The end of the affair comes when Natasha discovers Carrie in her apartment. She confronts the embarrassed columnist, who tries to escape through the back door. Natasha chases her down the stairs but trips and hits her face, breaking her front tooth.

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The accident was shocking and surprisingly realistic; indeed, Natasha’s bloodied face is one image fans of the show will never forget. Her downfall was so sudden that fans didn’t see it coming, mostly because they thought it would be Carrie who got hurt if Natasha found out about the case.


8 Aidan taking over Carrie

Carrie and Aidan had a fan favorite story in Sex and the city. Their first romance seemed perfect until Carrie cheated on him with Big. He brought it to an end and fans saw Carrie move forward quite quickly. However, after bumping into him six months later, Carrie decides she wants him back and pursues him again, and the two find themselves together.

Fans weren’t expecting Aidan to forgive Carrie, especially because her betrayal devastated him. Even more surprising was his absurd understanding and patient demeanor for his antics, which included keeping in touch with Big and even inviting him to Aidan’s country house on a weekend getaway. Carrie was very selfish, but Aidan was close to a doormat when he dated her.

seven Charlotte marries Trey

charlotte wife trey in sex and the city season 3

Charlotte York was the show’s resident romantic. She was in love with the very idea of ​​love and pursued an idealized version of romance, refusing to settle for less. Charlotte had such a frozen image in her head that she dumped a guy one day because he likes porcelain patterns that she finds ugly.

In the third season, Charlotte desperately wants to get married. When she meets Trey, he wins and because he fits her ideal prototype – handsome, wealthy, and from a respectable family – she jumps at the chance to marry him. Fans knew Charlotte’s desire to marry, but seeing her get engaged after just a few weeks of dating was one of the most unexpected things the character has ever done. Anyone could see the marriage wouldn’t work out, and sure enough, they had divorced by season five.

6 Berger Dumping Carrie Via Post-It

Post-it Note Sex and the City Berger Ron Livingston

Carrie has had her fair share of bad adventures throughout Sex and the city, but Jack Berger seemed like the perfect guy for her, at least at first. Sadly, he turned out to be too insecure and threatened by his success as a writer. Fans could tell the relationship wouldn’t last, but hardly anyone had anticipated how it would end.

Berger cowardly leaves Carrie in the middle of the night, apologizing with a post-it that read, “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.” It’s a brutal and downright disgusting way of ending the relationship, and fans couldn’t believe he didn’t even have the courtesy to say goodbye face to face.

5 Samantha falls in love with Smith

For five seasons, Samantha Jones has brought sex to town. She was the most progressive of the four, a self-proclaimed “trisexual” who went against convention. Samantha was the strongest, proudest and most confident of the bunch, instantly becoming a fan favorite among the audience.

Samantha’s carefree demeanor made audiences think she would never settle down, especially after the whole debacle with Richard. But season six introduced Smith Jerrod, a struggling actor who turned out to be exactly what she needed. Samantha and Smith may be one of the Sex and the citythe most famous couples, but their relationship took fans by surprise; no one expected Samantha to become monogamous because she made it clear that she was happy on her own. And although the relationship was very sweet, it ultimately felt like a betrayal of the character.

4 Charlotte falls in love with Harry

charlotte and harry get married on sex and town

As mentioned earlier, Charlotte had a very clear idea of ​​who her shining armor knight should be. At the end of her marriage to Trey, she meets her divorce lawyer, Harry Goldenblatt, and the two begin a strictly sexual relationship. However, they eventually fall in love and end up getting married in season six.

Charlotte is arguably the character who changes the most throughout the series. She learns to see beyond appearances and accepts that “perfect” love does not exist. By abandoning her received ideas, Charlotte ends up finding what she has always wanted: a family. Fans weren’t expecting her to end up with someone like Harry, but the couple have become a fan favorite and remain to this day.

3 Samantha’s Cancer Story

Samantha has always been the boldest member of the group, so fans expected the funniest storylines from her. In season six, she reveals that she wants to have a boob job, but her plans change when doctors find a lump in her breast, which turns out to be cancer.

The storyline was unexpected and dramatic, adding another layer of complexity to the show’s most compelling character. Samantha overcomes the illness in the end, and the show treats the issue in a respectful and sincere manner. The story also features some of the sweetest friendship scenes from Sex and the city, as Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte support Samantha through her ordeal.

2 Miranda’s pregnancy

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) smiling with Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) at Miranda's baby in

One of the most unexpected developments came in season four when Miranda got pregnant after an overnight affair with Steve. News of her pregnancy comes at a sensitive time, as Charlotte desperately tries to have a baby with Trey. Miranda briefly considers an abortion but ultimately decides to keep the baby.

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Fans expected Charlotte, the most motherly of the quartet, to be the first to become a mother. However, the show turned audience expectations upside down and sent Miranda on a wonderful journey through motherhood. It was a sweet, almost perfect story, as fans watched Miranda lower her defenses, tone down her cynicism, and make room in her hectic life for her baby.

1 Lexi Featherston’s death

Lexi Featherstone Sex and the Town Season 6

To have a character saying the words “I’m so bored that I could die” before they actually die is utter nonsense. But that’s exactly what Sex and the city made with Lexi Featherston, one of the show’s most memorable guests, played by television icon Kirsten Johnston.

The episode, unsurprisingly named “Splat!” Focuses on Lexi’s death, a truly shocking moment in the series that still sends jaws to the ground to this day. The accident contributes to Carrie’s decision to leave New York City, paving the way for the two-part series finale, “An American Girl In Paris”.

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