The Perfect Mothers Day Formula

Does your mother deserve a perfect Mothers Day? The answer of course is yes but what does it take to make this special person feel that she couldn’t have planned it better herself. Every mother is different and geography may sometimes get in the way but here are main areas to focus on to make her day special.

* Mothers Day Gifts
* Mothers Day Activities
* Mothers Day Cards

I know the above seems obvious but some might be surprised at how often one or more of the above are not even considered.

Before expanding on the 3 areas let’s discuss why Mother’s Day even exists. The formal recognition of Mothers Day was back on May 9th, 1914 by then president Woodrow Wilson. It was established to honor the mothers whose sons had died in war. The original activists that helped to bring this holiday to pass were Anna and her mother Ann Jarvis. This was in the United States. Mothers Day is celebrated across the world but not necessarily on the same date. Anna Jarvis was especially disturbed by the commercialization of the holiday because the intent of the Mothers Day holiday is not to lavish commercial gifts on your mother but to show her how she is appreciated. That does not necessarily mean buying her things. It all depends on the Mother and the means that one has to buy.

Mothers Day Gifts

The perfect Mothers Day is about making your mother or the mothers in your life feel appreciated and special. In our society that mainly has revolved around getting the Mother the right gift. The traditional Mothers Day gifts have been Flowers, Perfume and Candy. Perfume can be tricky because perfume choices can be very personal so if you go that route make sure you know what she likes. Flowers and Candy rarely disappoint again knowing what she likes is worth big points. Carnations have been traditional Mothers Day Flowers so those would be a good choice. If you know of something specific that she has been wanting that would be a great choice. I don’t mention a specific choice here because these ideas usually revolve around hobbies or interests that are specific to the mother involved.

Mothers Day Activities

A perfect Mothers Day for most mothers involves being surrounded by her family. Spending time together nowadays can be pretty hard and may be even more difficult for families that live far away from each other. If you are fortunate enough to be able to be with your mother on Mother’s Day you should plan out a day that includes family time. In the past I have been taken to Mother’s Day Brunch at a good restaurant. There are even brunches and dinners available on Cruise ships if you have them in your city. These activities should not be confused with pampering and treatment gifts to spas. These are great but are something that they would do on another day.

Mothers Day Cards

Don’t forget the card! Though buying a card may seem impersonal it does not have to be if you choose the right one. The perfect Mothers day would include a card that reflects how you feel about the mother involved and would be even better if you add a handwritten portion that shows that you have put some thought into how you feel about her. Don’t worry about writing a mother’s day poem just write what you feel.

So there you go the formula for the perfect Mother’s day isn’t that complicated but it does require some thought and planning.

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